CapGod’s perfectly heated steaming system penetrates deep into the inner fibers of your cap to release wrinkles, kill germs, and remove odor-causing bacteria and allergens. This vigorous steam technology cleans from within, restoring every fiber back to its original integrity. Perfect for getting rid of creases, transforming crumpled snapbacks, and creating that dry cleaner-crisp look.



Due to common manufacturing inaccuracies and inconsistencies in design, not all fitted caps of the same size actually fit the same. CapGod features a proprietary stretching system to solve this and other fit issues. First, a size measurement indicator works to identify where your fit is compromised. Then, the stretching system adjusts the circumference of your cap’s materials to the precise (and accurate) measurements of your choosing—for optimal fitted comfort.


Inspired by the greatest cap silhouette ever created—the 59Fifty—CapGod’s two-piece artistic dome works to simultaneously restore and shape every fiber of your cap. The powerful steaming process culminates at an exact point to sculpt the dome and brim to perfection, so you may then shape the cap to your most accurate and sufficing fit. During this step, the dome works as a mold to reestablish the original roundedness and peak of the material.



A high-speed induction fan drys your cap from the inside out, simultaneously setting each fiber in place and calming the inner fabric. Meanwhile, the heated aluminum surface silently presses the fabric to a refined and polished finish.