Don’t Blink

(We just changed the game.)

CapGod™ was created for you, the discerning man or woman of style who unapologetically represents your culture, passion, and convictions with the right hat worn just the right way. You understand that the seamless flow between the gentle tilt of your cap and the intentional graze of your fingertips across the brim is more than a casual expression. It’s an undeniable reality of who you are and how you choose to position yourself in the world.

Ball Cap Cleaning Kit

We’ve designed CapGod™ with patented technology that sets the standard for how to properly clean and maintain your caps. Our innovative product supports fabric durability by enhancing moisture content and molding the cap back to its original shape effortlessly. This automated process allows for a hands-off approach once the cap is secured, making it a necessary tool for anyone who is serious about elevating their cap game.

Capgod Hat Cleaner

Pre-order your CapGod, today!

You spend time and money on your caps. Properly maintaining them is the ONLY way to ensure that your investment lasts. Pre-order your Limited Edition First Run CapGod™ today for just $299, and be one of the first to own this gamechanger.

Your caps are an extension of you. How will you represent?


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