Vince Wynn



As CapGods Founder and Visionary, Vince is a living example of reinvention. With a sharp business acumen that helped him navigate the streets and corporate world alike, Vince has donned many hats from cultural innovator to entrepreneurial inventor. That pursuit of excellence and sense of renewal sparked his decade-long quest to manifest his contribution to the culture, by reimagining the iconic 59Fifty into a hallmark of functional art.

With an understanding that caps are far more than fashion accessories, but rather a reflection of one’s self-identity expressed through style – matched with an unwavering focus on first-class design and function, CapGod was conceived. The result was a holy grail, which is the culmination of one man’s commitment to form, performance, and innovative design. So here’s to the believers and the pushers of culture, to the men who dare to dream and to the world, and welcome to the CapGod era.

Martin Dalgaard



Co-founder & Creative Director of Bluefish Concepts of CNBC’s TV show “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor”, Martin Dalgaard trained in Denmark as a machinist and mechanical engineer. In his 20 year career, he’s designed, engineered and fabricated everything from skateboards to military vehicle armor.

Martin’s practice is centered around the philosophy of ingenuity, exploring functionality unbridled by the constraints of convention or tradition. His expertise lies in the product development process, his engineering skills are an equal balance of technological knowledge and visceral experience. Martin’s skill set delivers the ability to turn big ideas into functional, manufacturable products.